The last nail of the coffin


There are no other people on this planet who have a rich culture, history, and land like Amhara and behave in the way Amhara acts these days. The consciousness of Amhara’s identity is long gone! I learned it’s a lost consciousness that once existed, but not anymore. Right now, we have cultural Amara who excessively boasts of past history while they are willingly enslaved themselves to traitor ADP. At the same time, they are the pawns, which are used to destroy any remnants of true Amhara consciousness. If there were the consciousness of Amhara, by no means Agegnehu Tishager would be in power for a nanosecond after what’s heard in the leaked audio. What he uttered in the audio is not only wrong; it’s is criminal, it’s treason, it’s defamatory; most importantly, it’s unethical to use public office in such a manner. I can say more, but the sleeping giant isn’t going to exhibit it. Had there been Amhara’s consciousness, though, the agitation and revolt would have come from his inner circle immediately and would have pushed him to resignation. The people’s silence shows that it is at its final fate- extinction. The Amhara people are slaughtering sheep. They drove themselves straight to the slaughtering block, without no hesitation sounding like a sheep- baaa.

What’s even more embarrassing is that the audacity of today’s uncultured cultural Amhara to think to win a war while ADP is the commander in chief. They must not know the complexity of the issue at hand and how badly Amhara is positioned in this critical time. Tigrays are, for one, have Tigray consciousness that by itself beats any fight against them. Unity is power, as the saying goes. Second, they have a solid political direction to where to lead the struggle and representation that’s needed both internally and internationally. They are like bees. They work for one cause, one objective, and one goal. They will never compromise on Tigraian consciousness for nothing, unlike uncultured, money and power monger so-called Amhara nationalists. Every one of the so-called uncultured cultural Amhara nationalists will sell the cause with a heartbeat if proposed money or position. This is a fact! Most of the “leaders and activists” of the cultural Amhara movement work for ADP or Abiy or some nihilist utopia agenda- mama Ethiopia.

The failure to oust Agegneu is the last nail on the coffin for the uncultured cultural Amhara empty boast and clueless blab.

What ADP and Defense have done in Korem will be exposed in due time. However, these cultural Amhara, who are paid trolls or hopeful cadres, know what went down, but they are biting their tongue to get scraps from the table of Abiy or ADP. Amhara is used to execute the depopulation agenda previously known as the Amhara genocide by other means, and ADP is executor. This is not a fight against TPLF. Abiy never once utters the word TPLF in the war but keeps calling it a nickname.

I still can not fathom the collective stupidity that Amhara people are suffering from. It flabbergasts me to see the Amhara at large, both small and big, educated and the unlearned being this clueless and naive to see what’s going on. After 27 years of systematic and systemic genocide and racism, yet again, Amhara thinks they can win a war and repossess their land without a solid political representation while the disputed lands are taken by political decision, ugh.

Raya and Wolqite were annexed because of a lack of solid political representation, not by means of war; therefore, appointing people who are up to the job and forming a strong Amhara political party both internally and internationally was the key to focus on, but as said, there is no Amhara consciousness.

I will remain sorrowful for the uncultured, unconscious Amhara who are on the chopping block willingly by the absurdity it harbored, neglecting its identity.

The remnant endangered conscious Amhara- Lydia Zewdu.