The Disturbing Silence Of Abiys Administration


The silence of Abiy Ahmed’s administration regarding the pressure the foreign governments are putting is disturbing!

The Ethiopian government should release a statement to the US to indicate its interference in internal matters of Ethiopia is unethical and breaks the code of conduct.

The US can only discuss the ongoing internal conflict and maybe advise, but IT CAN NOT order or dictate a sovereign country how to maneuver its interior affairs.

Yesterday’s statement released by U.S. Embassy Addis Ababa is a confrontation and assault on our sovereignty. Is the task of the US embassy in Addis to dictate Ethiopian government, or is it to be a representative of its own country? Can Ethiopia do the same in a matter of US internal affairs? The answer is a big no! Likewise, the exact condition is set for the US. The level of accelerating involvement of the US in internal matters of Ethiopia breaks international law. The US embassy, along with senators, is busying themselves, inserting their noses in the internal issues they have little knowledge of. It’s obvious these senators who are members of Congress are tweeting erroneous, defamatory, and provocative tweets because of the money they are promised to be paid by lobbyists.

Both Ethiopian and Eritrean Governments should jointly release a statement to shed light on the faulty propaganda of TPLF and its needy crook lobbyists. These lobbyists hustle the West using treacherous propaganda for the sake of money!

As a sovereign black country, can Ethiopia dictate the lives and circumstances of Black’s lives in the US? These senators need to be reminded by the top officials their job is not to hustle for money from lobbyists! They are paid for the job they are elected to do, but using their office to gain extra cash is unlawful!

Here are a few erroneous tweets by so-called lobbyists that the senators and members of Congress feed on. Many of these lobbyists are wives and husbands to TPLFites. That’s why it’s personal for some of them. The rest are paid to bark.

This is a gross violation of a sovereign state. Moreover, it incites systematic defamation and a call for genocide on the Amhara people. The Ethiopian government, more so the Amhara region administration, should assign delegates to appeal and refute this baseless accusation.

ABN should flex its intellectual muscle now if it has any to combat this war Amhara via tweeter and Facebook.

Lydia Zewdu