Its not about Our Rights, its About His Rightousness


Today’s Church does way too much motivational talking. It’s deafening; the church doesn’t echo what the spirit is saying. Teachings are increasingly irrelevant to the core idea of the scripture. I don’t hear church leaders preaching about sin these days. All I hear is that ”do good, be good, feel good” crap over and over again.

The devil was the first motivational speaker! Yes, he was the first to sensationalize the supreme law of our Abba Father. He fascinated Eve, suggesting the same false gospel that he sneaks into church houses today, ”you are god.” Baal Cult.

I mean, think about it, Eve has everything she can ever ask for under the sun, but the devil somehow managed to beguile her, making her feel she is short of something. Something she is not aware of- this is his duping tactic. The devil plays with our mind by reasoning. What’s interesting here is that the devil didn’t bring a whole new set of teaching. Instead, he twisted the same commandment that Eve was aware of. Just like what we nowadays do, she began to clowning around for a new revelation, a new ”manifestation” of the word by digging into this seductive pedagogy.

Instead of meditating on the word day and night as informed, Eva was all out for a new exploration of her own, which stumbled her at the valley of human RIGHT AND EQUALITY, forgetting altogether that she was virtuous, righteous and that she lacks absolutely nothing. Then satan started to add fuel to the fire by elevating the quest to a morality issue. He conned her into thinking that she can guide her destiny [her right] without the need to submit to God; the privilege of eternity is her very nature, and she is a goddess [not a created being]. The devil knows the thought of Equality, Right, and Morality entices the natural man. Morality is something that man himself sets according to his understanding. It makes the natural man feel good and in control. It’s hard for the natural man to be without this feeling of control that he thinks he has in this life. Therefore, we see throughout human history; man boasting of how far he has come in this excursion of life being a mini-god who is in charge of directing his fate and the world without a need of his creator. While at the same time, a feeble virus brings a man and his fallen world as a whole to its knees. Though our Bible warns us, clinging to our understanding is futile, we are haunted by that inexplicable desire that our mind loves to feed on- power. Knowingly or unknowingly, we race with this feeling of wanting to be in charge of our destiny while, in reality, we are incapable when the situation presents itself.

Because of this craving, the Church often run with half-truths of the scripture to come upon a new manifestation. For instance, the verse the preacher frequently utters to claim that we are little gods,” Ye are gods, all of you are children of the Most High.” this verse is completely isolated from the context to coax the congregation into the blasphemous chatter….. The ” you are little gods” teacher often creates a pretext for the impiety he teaches, while contextually, the very next verse speaks of the precise nature of our life in this existence…. ” But ye shall die like men and fall…..”

It is customary to today’s church to bring ancient mythology dressing it up with the word of God to give it a Christian spin; ”Man is spirit,” man is a little god” prosperity gospel psycho-blab, Dominionism, the Kingdom Now erroneous teaching, etc.

So Ms. Eve was stimulated with all the inquisition and the new philosophy that the devil was ”revealing, ” …..she must have felt powerful and in a position to delineate her own destiny without the need of submission of God.

Just like that, Eve got into an institutionalized belief system as suppose to direct relationship with her creator. The devil delivered the first sermon, titled Man Is God, ”Ye shall be like God”……. Eve was reluctant, fearful, and rigid at first. Satan must have hummed her with buzz words like ”be positive, don’t be religious, a breakthrough is at hand, name it, claim it, grab and blab it”……. then abruptly, the tree that she walks by every day becomes that desirable and good to eat. The devil’s husky voice indisputably lured her, clouding her perspective. Before she knows it, eve was trapped and enticed by the beauty of the fruit she is forbidden to eat. This is precisely why the Bible says to not give a chance to the devils’ doctrine. He uses the same book! He has mastered how to manipulate and use it against us.

The first ground for Eve to lose in the spiritual battlefield was when she exaggerated the commandment of God ”tge day you eat or TOUCH the tree you will die”…Why did she bother to inflate the command? God didn’t say the day you touch of it, but you eat of it. That’s what got her in the web of deceit. It feels she has an unspoken detest for the commandment.

”But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it: for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die.” Genesis 2:17

Often the devil’s advice appeals to the fallen humanistic nature of man; it’s normal to take God out of the equation; he knows it. But look where it led the whole creation.

We are approaching the tribulation period. Folks, get right with the creator of your soul. Dump all the ” be good, feel good” cheap false gospel you are given. Judgment is coming! Your ”don’t be judgmental” rhetoric ain’t going to save you! We will all face His judgment seat, whether we like it or not. All tongues will profess that Jesus is Lord, and all knees will bow; it’s a matter of time. No one will stand before Him to talk about the Right, equality, and Moral of dogma when He shows up. No knee will stand firm; it will plummet. If we refuse to do it willingly now, on the day He arrives, no one can stand the heat; no knee will be strong enough to stand before him. Your religious dogma and philosophy are not going to save you either. Your faith in Him the Blessed Hope will save you! The spirit that we are born of is the one who will testify on behalf of us to salvage us from mortality.

Covid is the smokescreen; the worst is yet to come! The vaccine is a test for a bigger plan the globalist elitists are plotting. Those without the blood of the holy Lamb and those who are not sealed with the Holy Spirit will have no strength to stand against the strong delusion that’s coming. What lies ahead is worst than covid, the vaccine, etc

Get right with God today! Believe in Jesus’s righteous work. There is no other name given under this heaven, but Hamessiach Yeshua/Yesus that saves from this cyclical mortality!

Lydia zewdu.