We have seen previously different aspects of Babylon. Today, I present the last trait of it. Enjoy reading!

Educational and Pseudoscientific Babylon

Educational and Pseudoscience deception:- we can only consent to scientific discoveries and researchers if it only remains provable. The freemasonry belief system is brought to schooling system to dictate, Evolution theory, Darwinism theory, progressivism, the Heliocentric globe model Freemasonry pseudoscience theory, the sex ED sodomite transvestite abomination agenda, feminism flimflam, pro-choice baby-killing, critical race theory, etc. This is all theories of a feeble, wicked, godless man bringing his disbelief and evil worship through the educational faculties. It’s clear that this hypothesis has a spiritual agenda. Are we to let Luciferianism override over our faith in the name of education? What makes science, science is provability. If science cannot back itself with evidence, it’s junk. We should throw it out! The theories I mentioned above, even though school teaches them as theory, most by the time they are adults they believe and take that and run as if it is the truth, even though to this day the school itself labels it as a hypothesis.

Let’s be clear; science is not the problem. We love science! The PROBLEM is when science become influenced by philosophical thought. Then it is becoming a RELIGION. For me dictating the clock of doomsday under the guise of global warming is science pausing itself as God. The Bill and Melinda Gates Contraceptive Management, aka depopulation’ agenda is not science, but evil obscuring science. Mind you, neither Bill nor Melinda are medical doctors or in any medical field, so to speak and yet these guys are now sanctioning global vaccine. Why are Bill and Melinda gates the so-called computer guys involved in public health matter, vaccines and contraceptives? Why is Bill on TV 24/7 propagating about coronavirus, while he has zero qualifications in the medical field? Why is Greta Thunberg the flimsy little girl, who knows it all, preach us about the calamity of the universe? Where are the REAL scientists? Why aren’t they talk to us? Why do they hide behind Gerta? The extent of the pseudoscience hoax going is flabbergasting!

We know that Global Warming is a smokescreen to set a time for doomsday. Babylon Luciferians knows that their time has an end day; it counterfeits every event that is lying ahead in scriptural prophecy. The devil is a devout student of the word of God. He studies it left to right, to deceive. Recently, in New York City Union Square, a giant digital clock has been reprogrammed to count down the amount of time left to take action to prevent the worst effects of Global Warming from becoming irreversible. These Luciferian godless elitists, Global Warming doomsayers, set up a clock citing our world will be annihilated seven years from now. This is Babylonian philosophy, trying to dictate science with no provable evidence. Freemasonry pseudoscience manipulating educational faculties, pausing their theory as if it is truth, to force us all to conform with the terms they deem for our adherence, citing it’s for the common good of humanity! This endeavour makes science a religion, not exploration or research anymore. So, by this notion, we reject Luciferian pseudoscience! This is Satan bringing his theology fronting science. If science wants to play as God, we reject the idea, for it is science no more.

The counterfeit of last days.

Rapture – alien abduction.

Return of Christ – alien invasion.

Tribulation- Global Warming.

Dissimilar to the unsuspecting multitude, the Luciferians elitist are well aware and are readying themselves to the prophecy of the Bible to take place. They know the time will come soon, for celestial bodies plummet, weather to change drastically, earthquakes, wildfires, pestilence, plagues, will take place in chronological order as scripture foretold.

This modern atheist big bang, heliocentric globe earth, chance evolution paradigm, spiritually controls humanity by removing God or any sort of intelligent design and replaces purposeful divine creation with haphazard random cosmic coincidence.⠀⠀

By removing Earth from the motionless centre of the universe, these Masons have moved us physically and metaphysically from a place of supreme importance to one of complete nihilistic indifference.⠀⠀

If the earth is the centre of the universe, then the idea of God, creation and a purpose of human existence are splendid. But if the earth is just one of the billions of planets revolving around billions of stars and billions of galaxies, then the ideas of God, creation and a specific purpose for the earth and human existence become highly implausible.⠀⠀

So by repetitiously indoctrinating us into their scientific materialist sun worship, not only did we lose faith in anything beyond the Materia; we gain absolute faith in materiality, superficiality, status, selfishness, hedonism and consumerism. ⠀

If there is no God and everyone is just an accident, then all that matters is things that benefit ourselves.

Let’s be rooted in Him, soever we avoid falling for every deception thrown at us. The world is seized by an evil as scripture affirmed, hence why, we shall expect nothing good to come out of the Babylonian system.

‭“Remain deeply rooted in him; continue being built up in him and confirmed in your trust, the way you were taught, so that you overflow in thanksgiving.” Colossians 2:7‬ ‭

So how do we Christians combat this orchestrated deception?

What should we do as Christians about this catastrophic time and system ahead of us?

Minimize economic dependency:- We shall learn to live soberly and inexpensively, so we will maintain the strength to withstand the prosecution that will be set loose, soon unto humanity, specifically, Christians who will oppose identifying with the beast’s system. Read Matthew twenty-four in its entirety. They teach many of us in our church houses that we will be ruptured before all of this incident takes place, it’s okay if that is so, but I say, let’s hope for pre-trib while preparing for mid or post-trib. That’s what faithfulness means anyway.

Have no political affiliation:- We must abide by the living word, not by what leaders (church or secular) or media. If a pastor aligned himself to a particular group, political ideology, and secular leader citing doctrinal ties, break loose, stand firm and stand against it! We will do irreversible damage if we are to think that there is a political solution for our lives and the world. There is no political solution we are awaiting. If we are to believe otherwise, we are setting ourselves to the great deception of the Antichrist; he will emerge to the scene to offer the help we demand, just like that we will fall away forever. We don’t have a political problem that politics can fix; we have an issue of SIN and MORTALITY. We need a spiritual remedy, not political! Look at how many Ethio- evangelicals being lured by Abiy and US by Donald. Christians are marching behind these men, thinking these are agents of God, defender of the faith, and will offer them help for their problem. Many are trapping themselves in the Anti-Christ’s web already. Both Donald and Abiy are a false light that the devil disguises as an angel of light to execute his plan, with no possible objecting and discernment from the conservative Christian base.

We must be reluctant not to believe what Babylonian owned media regularly propagates. We need to choose who to pay attention to- the WORD or the World, our choice. We need to cross-check our spiritual leaders. When religious leaders are intertwining themselves in the affairs of politics, and when playing with strange fire doctrine of the devil, we then depart from them.

We must be conscious of the false prophet; often, who claim bizarre revelation of the word of God only to them; we must not flinch or wobble to their deceitful attempt. The word is revealed already. Concerned Apostol Paul writes about this issue for Galatians “But even if we or an angel from heaven should preach to you a gospel contrary to what we have preached to you, a curse be on him! As we said before, so say I now again, If any man preaches any other gospel unto you than that ye have received, let him be accursed.” 1:8-9

‭‭In another place, he reinforces the same advice and instructs:-

“For if he that cometh preacheth another Jesus, whom we have not preached, or if ye receive another spirit, which ye have not received, or another gospel, which ye have not accepted, ye might well bear with him.” 2 Corinthians‬ ‭11:4‬

Be vigilant; be watchful! Do not believe all spirits, but test it if whether they are of God.

Lastly, be reminded that Victory is ours in the end, this we know! Now is the devil’s hour (limited) we might be sobbing, however, remember that the last laugh is ours!

” Rejoice over her, O heaven, and you saints (God’s people) and apostles and prophets [who were martyred], because God has executed vengeance for you [through righteous judgment] upon her.” Revelation‬ ‭18:20‬ ‭

More time for scripture, less time for social media. More time to pray, less time feeding on what’s thrown for public consumption.

The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of the Father, and the communion of the Holy Spirit, be with you all.

Lydia Zewdu