In the first part, we have seen that Babylon can be classified into four realms, The entire political sphere, The entire religious sphere, The entire economic sphere, The entire educational sphere are all involved in mystery Babylon. In part one, we have seen the political element of Babylon. Today; we will see the spiritual aspect.

The religious aspect of Babylon.

In Revelation 18, we learn about this character that the Bible consistently depicts throughout scripture. Christ exclaims for us to ” come out of her” so we won’t receive her plagues.

The way the women is dressed is indicative of her religious facet. The scarlet and purple clothing exemplifies the religious system, scripture doubtlessly backs this. The scarlet and purple gown shows the priestly attire. Exodus 39:1 reads,

” And of the blue, and purple, and scarlet, they made cloths of service, to do service in the holy place, and made the holy garments for Aaron; as the LORD commanded Moses.”

It’s no secret that the Babylonian doctrine is violating the church. The spiritual departure of the church- the fall away, that scripture warns it will transpire is on effect.

” For the mystery of lawlessness [rebellion against divine authority and the coming reign of lawlessness] is already at work; [but it is restrained] only until he who now restrains it is taken out of the way.” 2 Thessalonians 2:7

It’s the everyday incident for the church to go further and further away from the truth of our Lord, every day by bringing different theology concealed as a new revelation of the word to make the gospel resonate and to make it fit the norm of the time, as suppose to people fitting into the gospel. It’s the reality; the church leaders are getting different ideologies from far East pagan philosophy and occult mysticism, especially, of Kabbalah by giving it a Christian spin. The Zionist Christianity that John Hege is a pioneer in executing has gone rampant within the Christendom.

The gospel is not about Zionism; it’s about Christ-ism. Kabalist Zionists successfully infiltrated the church of Christ and are ushering their false messiah. The infatuation with Israel led the church to fall in the trap of politics. Church leaders are upholding being Israeli, or Hebrew by nature to be equal or above the blood redeemed Christians. Israel’s flag, priestly attire, the menora are becoming church commodity that the stages are decorated with. It doesn’t take to be a prophet to predict that the church will fall for the coming deception of the bull offering and blasphemy of sacrificing blood for atonement that the jew-ish kabbalists are readying the public for ”third temple” fraud. The church of Christ is going back to the law hurriedly and unknowingly, despising the grace that saved us all. On the surface, the argument might come across that through grace alone is our redemption; however, by way of support church has committed treason on her saviour. The church is falling for zionist Kabbalah one world order politics. Some leaders of the church might argue we need to show support for Khazar Ashkenazi politics, as though the Bible deemed us to support, it’s a fallacy, it’s treason and its disgraceful! ”…. Whether the church acknowledges it or not, she is subscribing to Talmudic Judaism by other means. Little they know who the true Hebrew Israelite is. Israel is a nation, a people- black at its origin.

Same goes in our community Ethiopianism is infiltrating the church, ever since TPLF time and especially since Abiy came to power.

Now it’s important to note that the Kabbalah messiah is Metatron, not Christ. Metatron is the fallen angel- Satan. It’s out of the Kabbalah mystic that ”ክስቶስ ሞቶ ሲኦል ገብቶ ሰይጥኗል” “man is God” deception infiltrated the church. Metatron is not our Messiah, Issa is not our Christ! The Jew-ish Kabbalah Metatron is not Christ the Son of God! We need to note this! The Quran’s Issa and the Kabbalah Metatron, which is the fallen angel is the devil, not Our Christ the living Son of God, the root and the offspring of David, and the bright and morning star!

Wolves in sheep clothing, such as Rick Warren, Bill Johnson, Benn Hinn, are among few to mention. Rick openly brought to his church a Yogi to practise yoga, arguing that we all pray to the same one God, while the truth is the exact opposite. We know we can never separate Yoga from its Hindu spiritual element as every pose pays homage to the Kundalini serpent they raise and conjure through the base of their spine. No professed blood redeemed Christian is supposed to practice yoga for exercise as it is not a sport.

Nowadays, Churches do not include the name Jesus anymore. To mention a few, The Emerging Church, [no mention of our Christ Jesus’s name] Word of Faith, they say energy or vibe as suppose to Holy spirit, Hill sing, etc….there is no recognition of Christ on the headlines. We see the same trend in Ethiopia too (በአገራችን የገብር ኤል የማሪያም እንጂ የየሱስ ቸርች ተፈልጎ እንደማይገኘው ሁሉ አንድ ለይስሙላ አለች. The same deception is widespread among evangelicals now! These new churches exclude not only Christ’s name from the headlines, but they also omit to teach about SIN, the blood sacrifice, the need for redemption and the return of our messiah. Instead, they vigorously teach erroneous doctrines, such as Dominionism, Kingdom Now Theology, Post Milleniumism, Prosperity Gospel, ” man is God” junk, etc. the church of Christ just like Catholicism and orthodoxy now are abhorrent in degrading the name of our LORD.

It’s important to highlight on the fact that the anti-Christ will emerge when the church is all on board to forge an agreement to form an aligns with other churches which are underway. Most church leaders are in bed with ecumenical coexist antichrist coalition. Our God doesn’t coexist; He only reigns above all, He governs all and His kingdom is everlasting and rules over every dominion, be it in the heavens, on earth and below the earth. Everything is under His control! Whatever is taking place now, He has caused it to befall His feeble foes.

To be continued……

The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of the Father, and the communion of the Holy Spirit, be with you all.

Lydia Zewdu.