The Fallen Away- The Spiritual Departure.


Be Warned:- There is no power than can extinguish the fire of the Holy Spirit! The highest arbitrator in the body of Christ is ”Thus said the Lord” as it is recorded in the canon of written scripture, but not the pastor or church dogma.

You foolish flock, who despised your shepherd, you will be deserted in the middle of nowhere, you will be ravished by the same idol you entertained in the name of ባህል እና ቅብርጥስ!

It’s appalling to see so-called Mekane Iyosus (መካነ ኢ-የሱስ) church siding with Ireecha Borenticha devil worship! Well, all of this is written and you are just fulfilling the prophecy just as Juda Iscariot! Your hearts have gotten bigger to deceive you! Now please, drop His Holy name, stop gaming with His word, just come out of the closet, you devil worshipers!

”But unto the wicked God saith, What hast thou to do to declare my statutes, or that thou shouldest take my covenant in thy mouth?” psalm 50:16

Many pastors are silent on this matter. They are trembling to stand for the truth of the gospel of Our Savior Ha Mashiach Yeshua! This chaotic event casts light to show who really is a true servant of Christ! This event exposed false teachers like, Yonathan Aklilu who is a wolf in sheep clothing. He wouldn’t condemn Ireecha, instead, he blabbered in his live video ” I don’t know much about ireecha to say anything at all”….. So, you are saying you become a teacher without knowing and differentiating between the only true God and false gods? So, you just picked Christ just because? 🤔Haha, what a disgrace! As for me, I have always known that this guy’s gimmick and slick talk isn’t the true Gospel of Our Savior, nonetheless, I hope this episode awakens his gullible and innocent followers from being used and led astray. Yonathan is another Abiy with a borderline personality disorder!

Now, you traitors, bring all of the gods that you boast of, they will be smashed along with you! Stand up, cast your spells if you can escape from the wrath that’s befallen over you! Do your enchantments, maybe try your custom witchery, call upon the deaf gods that conned your forefathers. Go to the lakes, cry out loud, sprinkle the blood of the bull, taint the tree with butter, call him up! Awaken him! Try harder for he might be asleep or traveling to a remote place. Bring your gods, the qalichas out, let us see if they can stand before The Most High Father of all creation, Almighty Abba Yah! fire is descending from above, hide yourselves in your Attetes skirt, if it hides you for the wrath that’s on the way!

”Yea, the darkness hideth not from thee; but the night shineth as the day: the darkness and the light are both alike to thee.” psalm 139:12

Your demon gods will devour the generation for the Almighty caused it.

”For all the gods of the nations are idols: but the LORD made the heavens.” Psalm 95:5

“So listen to this, luxuriant one who sits secure, who says in her heart, I’m utterly unique; I’ll never sit as a widow; I’ll never know childlessness: Both of these will happen to you at once, on a single day: childlessness and widowhood will envelop you in full measure, despite your many sorceries, despite your very powerful spells. You felt secure in your evil; you said, “No one sees me.” Your wisdom and knowledge spun you around. You thought to yourself, I and no one else. Now evil will come against you, something you won’t anticipate. A curse will fall upon you, something you won’t be able to dispel. Destruction will come upon you suddenly, something you won’t foresee. Continue with your enchantments, and with your many spells, which you have practiced since childhood. Maybe you will be able to succeed. Maybe you will inspire terror. You are weary from all your consultations; let the astrologers stand up and save you, those who gaze at the stars, and predict what will happen to you at each new moon. They are just like stubble; the fire burns them. They won’t save themselves from the powerful flames. This is no warming ember or fire to sit beside. Those with whom you have wearied yourself are like this, those with whom you were in business from your youth: each has wandered off on their own way; none will save you.” ‭‭Isaiah‬ ‭47:8-15‬ ‭

Brethren, be vigilant, pray and keep yourselves from idols!

The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of the Father, and the communion of the Holy Spirit, be with you all.

Lydia Zewdu