The Hutu Power Slogan emerged as Qerro Power in Ethiopia



We urge the international community to help stop the Oromo ”QERRO POWER” youth group, which is a replica of INTERAHAMWE of the Rwandan youth group, who were major players in the genocide of Tutsi! Shockingly both of these groups have the same slogan, Hutu power- Qerro Power! If history is any indication, the Rwandan genocide slogan was ”Hutu power.” It’s clear to the vast majority of where this ”Qerro power” slogan is leading up to! We are witnessing the same trend taking place in Ethiopia! Residents of Addis Abeba, especially the Amhara ethnic group, are very alarmed! We have heard repeated threats towards the Amhara ethnic group by this young gullible, immature youth who are victims of evil indoctrination by their Oromo activists. Oromo politicians are being used as weapons! Activists like Jawar are reportedly heard saying if things are not going to be done the way they planned it, they will call upon the violent QERRO to get what they want by violent, deadly force.

Jawar Mohammed’s terroristic threats were primarily ignored despite the fact that he explicitly threatened and conveyed a message to annihilate Amhara Christians by a machete during a meeting with Muslim Oromos in the US. Thankfully, his message to instigate religious conflict between Muslims and Christians was ignored by the Muslims who valued human lives better than him regardless of his Western education.

Lawlessness has become a day-to-day norm in today’s Ethiopia because of these erratic, unthoughtful leaders of Qerro, who Abiy’s government sponsors. These groups are government-sponsored and are supported by ODP, which is the party of the prime minister and head of the Oromia regional state.

Just recently, in the city of Shashemane, a man was hanged upside down and beaten to death, contrary to our culture! Similar incidents took place in Wollega just yesterday; Burayu, Gedoe, Somali, Addis Ababa..etc. All communities within the Ethiopian state are devastated by this ”Qerro Power” terrorist group! These groups of youth are mainly between the ages of 18 to 30. Clearly, these immature youth groups have little understanding of where their actions are leading up to, and their leaders are using this to their own political advantage.

The young and immature QERRO youth group are fixated that everything belongs to them, residents of Addis Abeba should leave the city, and they should have special accommodations citing fictional eviction that allegedly happened 150 years ago. Just recently, by order of their leader Jawar Mohammed, Qerro terrorized Addis Abeba residents by blocking the newly made condominiums from being distributed to buyers who were registered and were waiting for years for the completion of the buildings! Jawar and his group claimed only Oromo are entitled to the condominium housings as the area is in the Oromia region despite the fact that the land was bought from the Oromo farmers by the government and well-compensated government-funded housings.

Where do we go from here? What’s next? It’s time for the world to act upon its ideals and promises to abide by its UN convention!

Let’s do the utmost to stop this looming genocide that is hovering over our lives!

#SayNoToQerroPower let’s take it to Twitter! Use this Hashtag. Let us create awareness for our brothers and sisters in humanity- the International Community!

Lydia Ze Addis Abeba Ethiopia.