We Need to Shift The Paradigm


To triumph and restore pride, we Amhara people must absolutely change our psychological and sociological makeup and state of culture. We are nation builders. We established dynasties, government, justice system, our own schooling system, built monasteries and mosques, religious rules and rituals and songs etc. We developed Geez literature and Qine, religious songs such as Menzuma and Yaredics, among many others. We shared what we developed with others what is known as today as Abyssinian/Habesha/ Ethiopian culture, which is often condemned by other ethnic group politicians by a falsified claim that Amhara culture was imposed upon them and that it gained an advantage on other culture and language, which is a blatant lie and is impossible! We are criminalized for gifting a well-developed culture what’s ours to the whole of Ethiopia. Other ethnic culture is present to this day intact, but the impact of Amhara culture and language is still unstoppable and is rampant to neighbouring counties and afar to this very minute. Amhara cultures is like that of Hip-hop culture, people just love it more than their own. Admired Poets and writers of greater Ethiopia are not Amhara in many cases. This attests to how Amharic and Amhara culture is likeable to this day. Many Oromo and Tigray activists advocates for their ethnic group by writing and speaking in Amharic because of its incredible ability to express thought and cause.

This cultural and state contribution makes the Amhara similar to those Turks, the Russians, the Arabs, the English, the Persians, and other people who built nations by being melting pots for different ethnic groups. And as nation builder and state-cultured, the sociological makeup of Amhara is individualistic and devoid of Tribalist structures. The Amharas believe in and rely on state/government structures for all social problems, from security to the economy. This noble liberal and individualistic culture of the Amhara would fit only to democratic systems like those in the Western world. And that is why this sociological makeup has made the Amharas not only unfit but also easy prey to the last 27 years and current Ethiopian apartheid political system, which has been framed on anti-Amhara narrations, discourses and practices. And hence we have been victims of the double-edged sword: victims of their sociological makeup and state culture, and the political system which is not only tribalist but also anti-Amhara in all forms and shapes. Consequently, as THE RULE IS THE SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST, we shall bring about a revolutionary change in our sociological makeup! We should Renounce our belief in state/government structures for our own security and survival; drop our Individualistic culture and mindset; to help, defend and protect each other like what tribalistic societies do; organize ourselves in all villages and areas and defend our premises, rights and liberties. We must develop collective thinking which I see rising at an amazing pace, but we must do more. We must shove ይሉኝታ aside and face our adversaries with the same tenacity and extremity they show towards us! The more we are lenient the more they seem to take advantage of us! Just see what they are doing in Addis Abeba alone, it is disturbing and barbaric, to say the least.

Amhara forward!

Lydia Ze Gihon Amhara.