Breaking News #GONDER

The so-called Qimant committee terrorist group is expanding its crude tragedy to the city of Gondar.

• More than 7, 500 Amhara from Kebele 1 around Gondar city are being displaced.

• Kebeles 2 is facing a serious problem as well!

The areas that are targeted by the terrorist group are ፈርንቅ፤ ጋባጋላ፣ ጋባ፣ ላይ ሳሀ፣ ታች ሳሀ፣ ሳጋ ማንጌ፣ ድርማራ፣ ላዛ፣ አንጠራ፣ ሮቢት፣ አገውጠገዴ፣ ጋና ዮሐንስ፣ ሰቀልት፣ ዳብርቃ፣ አዘዞ፣ ወዘተ ናቸው፡፡

From Monday morning to now there is ongoing fierce fighting between Amhara farmers on one side, and Qemante Committee terrorist group backed by Tigray Militia, Ethiopian Defense Force, ADP’s higher officials such as Gedu and the likes, ADP’s corrupted security apparatus.

• The fight is expanding uncontrollably to the city of Gondar.

• Residents held a meeting in Loza Mariam Church about the reoccurring ADP, Tigray and Defense Force backed Qemant Committee the terrorist group attack!

• As of this afternoon, one suspected member of Qimant committee terrorist group member is detained by police. The name of the suspected person is Endihnew.

• Azezo is attacked by Qemant Committee terrorist group at sunset today.

• A factory near the airport is burnt by unknown people.

• An animal farm owned by local investors is also burned down in Azezo Girar Sefer this evening.

•In Dirmara Kebele, a 9th grader boy was burnt alive by the terrorist Qemant Committee.

The end goal of the terrorist Qemant Committee is to control Gondar and form a 129 Kebeles Qemant Zone, which is almost the entire North Gondar Zone. They believe and hope if TPLF, coming from a small population of Tigray, controlled entire Ethiopia, that they too can control the entire Amhara region. They are highly equipped and well trained. The Qemant fighters, when their Tigray comrades fall, they rush to burn them alive or bury them to hide their identity and takes away their ID cards. They do this to conceal the Tigray’s involvement. When the Amhara farmers take the upper hand, The Ethiopian defence force stars to kill them from the back, and then the Qemant Committee takes that advantage and devastates the Amhara farmers and destroys villages. As of the local’s witness, the Defense Force believes the Amhara farmers want to destroy Qemant, thus it is the military obligation to fight against them, which is unacceptable, untrue, and an exhibition of PM. Abiye’s desire of destroying Gondar by the military force he commands.