The days of playing with Amhara as pawns who cower to anyone who comes to our doors are long gone and overdue!


Why do the Amhara political elite always seem to be shortsighted when it comes to defending Amhara interests is a million dollar questions of the day. For the past couple of month, we saw the ferocious struggle of the good People of Raya Amhara for their identity. We as Amhara people should be respectful for their cause. However, the Amhara political Elite should also have a suspicious contrarian view of this agenda. The Amhara political class should keep an eye on this struggle which has an element of fighting for a separate sub-identity of so-called Raya. There is no identity called Raya but Raya Amhara!

The crook committee made it boldly clear that they are not embracing an Amhara identity rather are settling for a separate fabricated entity. This is utter disrespect for the Amhara as a whole and Raya people of Amhara as well! It shouldn’t be lost on to us that these people are merely wanting to be under Amhara regional rule for they think that the region would grant them a special administrative zone in contrast to the Tigray region. We Amharas are being taken for granted as gullible, snowflakes who can be manipulated and swayed with a political circus. One thing should be clear! The days of playing with Amhara as pawns who cower to anyone who comes to our doors are long gone and overdue. There will be no special zone assigned to these political hacks. Amhara is a proud society, we welcome people who strengthen us. We tried time and again to civilize other societies. We have sympathy for peoples suffering, at the same time we are determined for a more perfect unison amongst ourselves and external forces. In light of these facts, the Raya cause should not be our agenda, but Raya Amhara cause should be the agenda. This is merely the Jawarian, OLFite grand political skim of disintegrating the Amhara coalition from within! The Raya if they still propound this idea of embracing their sub-identity at the expense of their true Amhara heritage then there is no need to ask to join the Amhara region they can do so in Tigrai, but that’s not up to this political Frauds! Raya Amhara belongs to Amhara! Raya is an Amhara cause! Otherwise, we as Amhara activist should revisit this issue and expose this Trojan horse political skim of cracking the Amhara base in Wollo and alienating certain segments of the residents. The territorial integrity of Amhara will be restructured one way or the other but we shouldn’t be bogged down by tempting yet deceiving agendas such as the Raya committee.

Every Amhara activist should ask himself what benefits would we get by making raya under Amhara regional control? It is just going to lead to more anarchy and chaos and systematic brainwashing of the Amhara Raya into believing in this fictional sub-identity. It should not be lost on us that the present question of Raya identity would haunt the region in the form of breaking the already Amhara Raya’s and reuniting with this self-hating Tigrai Raya committee.

At this crucial juncture, our political interest is not for one that divides us but for one that unites us to stand in unison against the barbarian tribes who can’t wait to rain hell on our people. I urge Amhara political class to focus on genuine and unapologetic Amhara’s who are fighting to regain their true identity, not the ones who are subtle Trojan Horse foot soldiers of the grand plan of crushing the will Amhara identity. The focus also should be on Shewa Amharas, wolquite Amhara’s, Metekel Amharas etc… I urge you to not waste political capital on these sheepish futile causes which do nothing to further the Amhara cause.

Let this be known, Raya, Wolqite, Metekel are not some unknown identity, these are annexed Amhara lands and Amhara people that will remain as Amhara cause until it is solved and thereafter!