Ethiopian Pandora’s box


Ethiopian Pandora’s box

                                                                                        Ethiopians from all corners and all walks of life jubilantly celebrated the advent of a new administration that promised a sweeping transformation across the board. Ushering the transformation with the release of thousands of detainees and political prisoners, the new administration forwarded a formal apology for the ill-treatment and wanton injustice the people received at the hands of the previous administration’s corrupt officials and appointees.

The new prime minister’s fast paced actions in mending sour relations with neighboring countries and his widely opened arms to embrace long estranged political dissents was an international spectacle. The equal representation of women in his cabinet followed by the first Ethiopian female president stirred quite a global awe. Some Ethiopians even publicly questioned their fitness to be a citizen of the country he leads. The beginning was all one wild dreamlike ride.

After the fall of the castle and victory feast, the flood of warriors that made the victory so easy by joining the battle on the fly will suddenly feel this startling beast who just exhausted the enemy corpse. The country wide upheaval responsible for the dislodgment of the old administration left, on its wake, an agitated mob with addictive taste of its power.

In a bitter irony, the kicked-out officials just employed the same mob to dispose the new administration with no doubt of repeating its success if it keeps accruing momentum.

The cause seems irrelevant, the only glaring sign posted on the face of millions and millions of Ethiopian young says, Youth for hire!

Unwittingly an Ethiopian Pandora’s box is unpacked.

by Haileab B. Zeleke